Tuesday , August 11th 2020
    Find the best in science fiction books, movies, and collectibles.

Whether it’s a classic sci-fi flick or a modern blockbuster it won’t take rocket science to find your favorite movies at the best prices.  We also have listings of great science fiction books and collectibles.  Enjoy your visit – we hope browsing here brings back fond memories of science fiction you’ve forgotten or you discover some new movie or book you missed.

Collectible Items

Science Fiction Collectibles

Find original vintage movie posters from classic 50s sci-fi movies and cult favorites. They are guaranteed authentic and most are available in limited quantities.  You’ll also find autographs, trading cards, vintage sci-fi magazines and comics, and figurines. Take a look at our listing of collectibles – you’ll be surprised at what you find.

Classic 50’s Movies

These are a few of the best science fiction movies we all enjoyed as kids and each is enjoyable today. These fun films will please younger audiences as well as nostalgic return viewers. The 1950’s saw an explosion of science fiction movies and produced some amazing classics including one of our favorite, Forbidden Planet. If you have seen these sci-fi classics before you’re in for a treat. If you saw them in your youth, you’ll be surprised that these movies hold up so well today.

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Movie Collections

Your favorite B-movies and cult favorites gathered together on DVD.  Includes movies by stop motion special effects master, Ray Harryhausen and and king of B-movies director Roger Corman.

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Sci-Fi Action

Get ready for movie night with one of these exciting science fiction movie favorites.  A couple of must see recommendation are Serenity and Mad Max Fury Road.

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